About the Entrepreneurship Score

Analyze the skills entrepreneurs must know
and the jobs businesses must perform.

The Entrepreneurship Score diagnoses the critical business skills you need to learn immediately to create successful and lasting businesses.

You score determines your competence with the:

  • 3 Core Business Functions

  • 3 Stages of Creation

Execute the 3 Core Business Functions

Find problems that people are starving to be solved. Create solutions that fulfill their wildest dreams and delight people far beyond competitors. Charge enough to improve every aspect of your business while making a hefty profit.

Entrepreneurs. They Market. They Produce. They Finance.

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Realize the 3 Stages of Creation

What could you do with a process that prevented you from ever failing? How would your life change if you could reliably accomplish everything you set out to do? What would you do? Who would you help?

You can master the processes that businesses use to guarantee they create everything from cities to software to shoelaces to starships. They invent great ideas, they transform the relationship between suppliers and customers, then they do the work.

The Successful. They Design. They Build. They Operate.

If you knew you couldn't fail, wouldn't you want to be successful for your family, influential for your community, and make an impact in and around the world? Stop failure. Get the Dream Create Hustle Bundle.

The Entrepreneurship Score is based on
The Periodic Table of Business

Entrepreneurs can't afford to be one trick ponies. Most books, courses, certificates, degrees and jobs teach you how to accomplish one specific function at one particular phase in a business. They call it 'specialization' and 'niche'. Figuring out what all of the functions and phases are, and how to make them work together is the mission of the entrepreneur.

How much easier would it be to build and run a business if you already knew which functions to fulfill and in what order?

The Periodic Table of Business does for business what the Periodic Table of Elements does for Chemistry. It systematizes knowledge. It turns random alchemists into reliable scientists.

With this, entrepreneurs, companies and consultants who are sick of whack-a-mole improvement can learn to systematically analyze, build, fix, and improve every aspect of any business.